When signing up for Hulu you can only pay via a registered U.S debit, credit card or US paypal account. To gain access to Hulu from other countries, you need to buy a Hulu gift card from the Walmart online store. Once you purchase your gift card you, will be sent your gift card code via email. When requested for your U.S address at the Walmart check out, you will need to create a valid existing US 5 digit zipcode from your postcode.  So say your postcode is Z1T 3U2, this becomes 132.  To make a 5 digit zipcode, you would first try 2 zeros at the end of your postcode which is 13200. Since this isn't a current valid US zipcode, you would then need to try 13201 for example and if this doesn't work, you change the last digit to the next number up until you get a valid US zipcode.


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